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Exclamation GEWar Rules

Rules Of Google Earth War
Rules are things that are not allowed at any time and the punishment is a bit strict. We, the staff, get a bit testy when we see these abused, and have a tendency to freak out and think of really evil things to do to your household pets...So let's agree that you're not going to break any of the following:
  1. Multiple Accounts
    Only one account per person is allowed. Sharing accounts in order to gain is also prohibited. Swapping accounts is also not allowed. Any violation of this rule will be treated as a case of multiple accounts and will result in all accounts being zeroed and banned. If you want to delete or reset your game account please create a help desk ticket.
  2. Macros/Refreshers/Scripts
    Malicious scripts of any kind are not allowed in the game. Scripts to improve the usability of the site must be approved by the staff and made available, at no cost, to all players. The use of a script not approved by staff will end with you being banned, and probably yelled at until you are crying in the fetal position.
  3. Glitches/Bugs
    Any player found exploiting a game glitch/bug will be punished severly. It is in your best interest to not test the limits of this rule. This could, dependent on the severity of the case, result in you either having your account completely zeroed, a permanent ban, or some 6'7" coder showing up at your house and beating you with a toaster over...Seriously, it's not worth it.
  4. Age
    A player must be 13 years of age in order to participate in this game. If you are not over 13 years of age your account will be removed.
  5. Internet Protocol (IP)
    Only one account is allowed per IP Address. Anyone caught violating this rule is subject to their IP address being banned from the server. The only exception to this rule is for IP Addresses that are registered for business use(Multiple players playing at work or family members), although even those are not allowed to transfer Geos to another player within the same IP. In this highly unlikely case, you need to inform Staff using he help desk prior to accepting these rules. Anyone caught in violation of this rule, current players included, will be treated as a duplicate account and will face severe consequences (i.e. zeroed accounts, banned accounts, banned IP addresses, etc.) GEWar is now banning all proxy ip's so you will now not be able to use GEWar via a proxy site.
    Finally You are not allowed to plant resources for others there is no reason why this will ever be acceptable, and there is absolutely no need for you to ever log into another players account to donate for them. If you wish to donate for a player please either speak to Luke or an admin and we will tell you how to do it, without ever having to show up on another players account.
  6. Staff Abuse
    Look, the staff members around here are volunteers of the game and take their duties very seriously. They don't get paid, usually put in long hours, and try their best to give you something to pass the time and have some fun with. We ask that you treat them with some respect. You don't have to like them, or even agree with them, but you need to respect them. If you feel the need to disrespect a staff member it will be a quick ride to STFUville. If that doesn't fix it then we put you on the train to Getthefout Town. I guess what I'm trying to say is that we DO NOT TOLERATE STAFF ABUSE AROUND HERE. Not even a little. So before you post a message, start a thread, send a PM or anything else that may be about or to a staff member....Do us a favor and re-read it. If it even sounds remotely negative or abusive then by all means save everyone the headache and press cancel. We enforce this rule to the extremes. Please do not break it.
  7. Avatars and Profile Pictures
    The creation and use of avatars/profile pictures are subject to the same conditions as all of our Forum rules. Avatars/profile pictures shouldn’t, for example, be defamatory, obscene or unlawful.
    Avatars/profile pictures which are unsuitable, as determined by Gewar staff and Moderating team at their sole discretion, will be removed without notice.
    Before you upload an image to use as your avatar/profile pictures, you’ll need to check that the image doesn’t breach copyright laws. Remember, you remain solely liable for any material (including avatars/profile pictures) you publish, display or transmit on the Gewar website.
    Forum users should report any unsuitable avatars/profile pictures by posting on the Help desk. Please do not use the forums to complain about avatars/profile pictures.
    In case of complaints, avatars/profile pictures will be judged on an individual basis by Gewar staff whose Ruling is final.
    Your avatar/profile picture will be removed without notice if it resembles, or is believed to be impersonating, Gewar staff avatars/profile pictures.
    If you don’t follow our Avatar/profile picture rules, and are given up to three formal warnings by our moderating team, you’ll be banned from using our forums. Severe breaches may result in an instant ban.
So that's it for the rules. Only 7 rules to live by and they aren't that hard to follow. Basically, be of age, don't be deceitful, respect the help, and don't cheat...Sounds fair and relatively easy to remember. Look at you, you probably thought it was going to be some Ten Commandments or something crazy like that. Not us...We're pretty relaxed.

Bylaws Of Google Earth War
Bylaws are less severe. We frown down on this stuff and really, really wish you wouldn't break any of these, but we're not going to kick you off the island if you slip up and break any of these. Stuff happens...We get it. We use a A General Punishment Grid for first time and occasional offenders and it looks like this:

..........First Offense............PM Warning or 1 day Mute
..........Second Offense........2-3 Day Mute
..........Third Offense...........1 Week Mute
..........Fourth Offense.........2 Weeks Mute
..........Fifth Offense............1 Month Mute
..........Sixth Offense...........2 Month Mute
..........Seventh Offense......4 Month Mute
..........Eight Offense...........8 Month Mute
..........Ninth Offense...........1 Year Mute
..........Tenth Offense..........Perma Mute

Then we have a punishment grid for those who are warned more frequently or have bashed crew. These players will automatically be placed in the more severe category.

..........First Offense............1 Week Mute
..........Second Offense........2 Week Mute
..........Third Offense...........1 Month Mute
..........Fourth Offense.........2 Month Mute
..........Fifth Offense............4 Month Mute
..........Sixth Offense...........8 Month Mute
..........Seventh Offense......1 Year Mute
..........Eight Offense...........Perma Mute

Please note however, if circumstances are severe enough you can be moved up the list without warning. This is entirely at staff's discretion and not open to discussion. Also there may be occasions when we have no choice but to take you to a final warning before perma ban.
  1. Communication
    1. Excessive Cursing or flaming - This will not be tolerated in any of the in-game functions (forum, chat, alliance boards, and private messages).
    2. Spamming - This will not be tolerated in any of the in-game functions (forum, chat, alliance boards, and private messages). Spamming may include multiple posts in a row (remember the edit button is your friend).
    3. Prejudice/racist comments - Under no circumstances will this activity be accepted by the staff. This does not follow the standard grid, and anyone caught violating this bylaw will be muted for 14 days and could face permanent ban from Google Earth War.
    4. Message Board Signatures - Your signature is your responsibility. Do not use profane images, or allow your signature to go beyond five lines. The judgment of how many lines a signature is will be made by staff. Signature lines forcing the breakage or stretching of the screen will not end up good for you.
    5. Suggestive/Subjective Material/Inference/Pornography & Explicit Behavior - This will not be tolerated in any of the in-game functions (forum, chat, alliance boards, blogs, visitor messages and private messages).
    6. Foreign Language - The language of this game is English. Please use the International Language Support Forum to talk in other languages. Posting on the main forum in any other language aside from English is prohibited.
    7. Accusations of Cheating - If you believe a player is cheating please report it to the help desk. It is against the rules to post these accusations on the forums. Any accusation posted on the forums, sent via pm or mentioned on an alliance board will result in a punishment in accordance with the standard punishment grid.
    8. Bug Tracker/Support Tickets - Anyone found casually chatting or abusing these features will be susceptible to punishment.
  2. Accounts
    1. Account Security - You are responsible for your account’s security. Choose a strong, secure password that you will not forget. The staff is not accountable for the integrity of your password and should your account be accessed the staff is not held responsibility for any loss or theft.
    2. Account Deletion - There may come a time when you wish to delete your account and start a new one. Before you start a new account, you must contact the staff to have your old account setup for deletion. Anyone caught creating a second account without approval from the staff will be punished based on the Multiple Account Rule.
    3. Vacation Mode - You can activate the Vacation Mode when you are away from the game for more than 72 hours. Click on the link in Your Account and confirm on the popup window. It is against the rules to let someone else plant resources for you. If it is found that you are planting resources for another player you will be treated in the same manner as a duplicate account.
    4. Scams - Impersonating staff or other players for entertainment or nefarious purposes is heavily frowned upon by the staff. This activity is subject to a punishment up to and including a permanent ban as determined by the staff.
  3. Personal Information - Google Earth War is a public website meaning anyone can see data posted in public locations. Posting a copy of a private message of any user in public anywhere on (forum, blogs or profile page...) without asking the sender is strictly forbidden. Private messages must stay private. Posting private information about a player or even an alliance in public anywhere on is strictly forbidden. This includes the number of geos, resources, total number of troops and so on.
  4. Harrassment/Personal Attacks - Harassment and personal attacks are taken seriously and will not be tolerated. Harassment via private message, forums, chat, or any other in-game function is prohibited and will face punishment. Any complaint of harrassment will be reviewed by staff.
  5. Forum Posting Common Sense. Although the administrators and moderators of Google Earth War will attempt to keep all objectionable messages off this forum, it is impossible for us to review all messages. All messages express the views of the author, and neither the owners of Google Earth War, nor Jelsoft Enterprises Ltd. (developers of vBulletin) will be held responsible for the content of any message. The owners of Google Earth War reserve the right to remove, edit, move or close any thread or post for any reason.
  6. Naming Convention - You may not organize an alliance or name an army that is based on, or present themselves as, any racist, sexist, anti-religious, anti-ethnic, anti-homosexual, or other hate-based philosophy. The staff reserves the right to change or delete any alliance or army we deem in violation.
  7. Advertising - Users of Google Earth War may at no time advertise for any other site or provide links to another site or game. Opportunities exist for sites to advertise with us. Please contact the staff for more information.
  8. Falsifying Complaints - Anyone found falsifying complaints or editing messages to better themselves will be punished in accordance with the standard punishment grid.
  9. Punishment - If you feel that you were unfairly punished by a staff member then you have the right to contest the punishment by posting in the Help Center. If your punishment is overturned you will be reinstated into the game, but no refunds or game payouts will be made as a general rule.
  10. Common Sense - Some bylaws have not been mentioned in this document. Please use common sense when playing this game. The staff reserves the right to punish players who do things that are based on malice, or falls in a grey area between upstanding and cheating. We will not accept the excuse that it was not mentioned here.
So that's it for the Bylaws. It seems like a lot to remember, but if you start at "Using Common Sense" and work from there you should be alright.

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New Additional RULE Update *****************

At admin discretion, a loss of geos or army or other in game item may be a punishment for rule breaking instead of or in addition to being Muted.
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