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Disclaimer: This wiki is under construction. It is intended to be a full, in-depth documentation on the workings of the new version of the game. It is intended that all members may take part by adding their information into the wiki as they see fit.

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Welcome to the official wiki about Google Earth War (GEWar).

GEWar is a multiplayer strategy game. The aim of the game is to use your armies to attack and "win" cities around the world and defend the cities against other players. The cities are valued according to their real world populations and your game score is based partly on the total value of the cities you own. You can play the game on your own or join/create alliances with other players to fight other alliances.

You can get a quick overview on the FAQ page.

GEWar uses Google Earth for visualization. Google Earth is a "digital globe" created using layered satellite images of the entire landmass enabling users to zoom in and out and view fabulous detail of the planet.. It is free to use and available for Microsoft Windows, Linux and Mac. You can download it on the Google Earth Download page.

GEWar uses it's own overlays in Google Earth to show your and others cities, armies and homebases.

Check the GEWar Forum frequently, all important announcements regarding the game can be found there, you can discuss issues, problems, get in contact with other players and learn about alliances, strategy etc.

About this wiki

This manual has been created by the staff of GEWar, who develop, moderate and administrate the game in their spare time, and by other engaged players who tested this while it was in Alpha status.

Use the following links to navigate through the manual quickly and easily. If you are new to this version of the game, then start at the beginning. This guide is packed with hints and tips from some of the best players in GEWar who have been around for many of the games versions.

Take the step-by-step beginners guide to GEWar. NEXT: Getting Started

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Getting Started

Finances & Resources

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Strategy & Messages


Features under development by the developer(s) (given in no specific order)

  • New player and alliance ranking system
  • adding features that stabilize the game so that resets become obsolete
  • More advantages for Donators


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