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Conversation Between Starbuck and tonie
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  1. Starbuck
    02-13-2012 05:14 PM
    I am still addictive to the game so seems like I'll always stick around Good to see you back though
  2. tonie
    02-13-2012 04:43 PM
    Indeed long time no see! I'm starting again, but not really actively, though. This game seems to have died a bit..
  3. Starbuck
    02-06-2012 01:52 PM
    hey tonie, how's it going? Long time no chat
  4. tonie
    02-03-2012 07:13 AM
    Hello there ^^
  5. Starbuck
    12-03-2010 07:33 AM
    SO are you going to play again? You can't not play after all the trouble you went through to remove the 112 from your name
  6. tonie
    10-05-2010 05:47 PM
    *I'm fine*! *Well, *I didn't really like the game anymore, mostly because *I'm still seen as 'the spy' and won't be able to build up hehe. *What about you*?
  7. Starbuck
    10-04-2010 05:39 AM
    off course I do lol How are you and where have you been?
  8. tonie
    10-04-2010 12:37 AM
    Remember me?
  9. Starbuck
    05-03-2010 12:31 PM
    Where are you Mr Tonie??
  10. tonie
    10-12-2009 06:59 PM
    haha, wow the colours are killing me! But anyway, those WindowsPaint eye killing colours just own!
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