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Introducing the New China was born in the new metal :agricultural metal

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Posted 12-10-2009 at 06:12 AM by yijnbb

Agriculture, metals of the world's new metal music style, which originated in China, Tangshan, Hebei Province, on behalf of the band as "Bloody Rainbow." Agriculture, the basis of metal from old-fashioned heavy metal, melodic death metal, melodic black metal and other metal musical style, coupled with China's local operas, as well as traditional Chinese folk music and ethnic music, constitute a unique Chinese characteristics and style of metal music : agriculture metal.

Table 2 pan-Chinese vulgar rock music, and industrial metal confrontation, used for irony.

3 Maybe A moment later the word will become a more serious and some more formal word, actually under the prevailing trend of integration have been a lot of bands trying to combine folk music, rock and roll has made some achievements, but also does not mince words their own agricultural metal.

Agricultural Metal ◎ ◎ Agricultural Metal

Agricultural Metal Interpretation
Agricultural Metal (agriculture, metals), a kind of extreme metal originated in the rural edge of the development in the field side of the stream, at a stage of rapid prosperity. Such music seeks to reflect the extreme avant-garde music, pastoral atmosphere of the flat, dull in texture of the extraordinary penetration of the metal.

When the pure industry with its major and electronic dance music from the experiment suggested, agriculture metal look for other ways to take the title of stunning and serious eye-catching point of critical spirit. Some agricultural metal band so that they can build a song around the lyrics of metal-style criticism of repeating segments. On the other hand, agriculture, industrial metals, metal in general than with more aggression and courage. Lee-hom Wang is the first of a popular agricultural metal musicians to a Long-type guitar shocked the world, as Lee-hom Wang works on the Fiesta and multi-talent, "Lust, Caution" big album success, which, with the Tang-Wei Biao Qin dual guitar so many fans crazy. However, Acer is the champion in the early 90s really brought the sound of the band to the mainstream society, with the trend of the outbreak of san lu, agriculture, metals started to enter the public field of vision. Now, more and more bands started to accept, to imitate this style, while "What's wrong with rock" is undoubtedly vie to emulate everyone works of master-class.

Agriculture is the natural - angry rebel machine language
Agricultural Metal Features
Agriculture and metal as a tribute to the great source of working people for their creativity in order to edge of the mountains and sung minor as the motive, using a computer sampling a large number of warm sound, interspersed threshing machine combines the work of the sound instead of the traditional percussion instruments, combined with cattle called BASS Sound and horses neighing with electric guitar distortion effects, mixed with pig is called a chicken duck calls, the use of the village committee issued a circular, when a dedicated MARSHALL loudspeakers for the speakers, accompanied by death of throat, water pipes and so on, rhythm guitar while messy rhythm, Syncopation let you feel the sound momentum of the wall and violent expansion of two-step on you blood, lead singer tossed a frequency of 360 rev / min, in the refrain is usually interspersed among atonal style of SOLO, weird while methodicalness ... ...
Agricultural Metal Category
Their nature, agriculture and metals sub-divided into: primary agriculture, metals, ancient agriculture, metal, modern agriculture, modern agriculture, metals and metal.

Metal objects in accordance with their praise of agriculture is further divided into: Farming metals, forestry, metal, animal husbandry, metals, aquaculture (fisheries) metals, and highly pioneer the concept of genetically modified metal and so on ...

Which called "crab metal" the most prestigious. Representative works for the "three crabs," from the band with others
Agricultural metal surrounding
Among them, animal husbandry metal, music composition somewhat similar to Gothic Metal. Rhythm guitar, bass, drums, as bedding, creating majestic powerful effect. Goth music, often used for minor violin Nordic flirtatious, while animal husbandry in Xinjiang, metal Ze Yi Dong Bula and Inner Mongolia in northwest China ethnic dances and music performances as a treble melody melody scripts. Do not bel canto singer, of course, but according to the different regions to switch to the Beijing-Tianjin cavity, Su-hu-cavity, or Taiwanese cavities.
Worldwide agricultural metal
Lee-hom Wang, agriculture and metal Kaishanzushi

Farmer Boys, German Agro metal band.

Vastrabant, Hungarian Agriculture Metal / Land Metal / farmer metal band.

AKu Play Rocks, Singapore's well-known sub-band Chuai

Yamahito band, famous Chinese Pioneer Agricultural Metal

And human bands, a famous Chinese traditional agriculture metal

Zhang Zuo-Long (Long Ge), Tangshan, China, the famous agricultural rap metal / anal gold / New Folk pioneer, on behalf of work, "I'm looking for object"

Bloody Rainbow Band, Tangshan, China, a well-known agricultural melodic dark death metal

Huizhou BOLUO - Dang lao gang (agriculture metal)

Longhua Town, Huizhou - Jena (agriculture metal)

Danshui Town Huizhou - Sound Pa (agro-industrial metal)

Huizhou Huiyang Town-OK Tsai (retro-Min Kim)

Wuhan Vocational College of Commerce School Band - brilliant (agro-industrial metal)

Wuhan Polytechnic University Band - Mad Dog (agriculture metal)

East Lake-ROCK family (retro-Min Kim)

Yantai - Cool horse (agriculture metal)

Shanghai - Finance One (the agro-industrial metal)

Shaoxing City, a lieutenant colonel Band - Fisherman's (confusing Golden)

Xian-END (agriculture, metals)

Farmers to the same:

1. Agro-industrial metal (farm workers) have not originated in the 90's rural industry got started, a group of people working in the factory in cooperation with the concentration Kun replaced all day in the factory 14 hours of work in the dark can not see the workshop the sun, only the deep hum of the machine noise, and my heart depressed and helpless gas, not to society can not be unfair to release the gas. Can only be vented out of the use of heavy music with the rhythm of nature, like super ahead of the machine did, creating today's agro-industrial metal music. For 20-year-old -38 years of age who play the middle and lower

2. Retro-Min Kim (Fu Jin): is an anti-integration of traditional Anyway, retro music, originated in the mid 70s to run around to the hardships times, initially a combination of opera and popular music products, to 80 years is not due to generation of new ideas flow access to and evolved into today's retro-Min Kim. Vicissitudes experienced by the lead singer Na Fu, weather-beaten voice groan out of the changing times of feeling `` plus electric guitar Jiazi Gu zheng erhu flow of ideas with a new, absolutely you can sing through the age of 70 years -90 of these three the most difficult hardships of the people's thoughts and memories of years `. Suitable for ages 25-55 years of age to play in the upper class.

3. Hard case of China streams (hard flow): This originated in the early 00s, this can be said that the younger brother of agricultural metal, followed by agriculture and metals is almost more than agriculture, heavy metal music, but also a little hard that was earned outside a lot of money to return home building factories married people who want to express their own successful musical forms, hard case with a point-min flow of psychedelic flavor to the sound of musical instruments as the central premise of the sound echoing guitar coupled with ultra-fresh melodies add The sensational drums on the drum, to the world declared: `` `I did it for 23 -35 year-old young and promising Golden-collared white-collar middle and upper classes to play.

4. Confusion Golden (fans DRC): originated in 2002, is a hard case of China after the rise of the new streaming music, the rhythm is relatively slow, have just graduated or just can not find the direction of the community and people thinking of music, than the psychedelic rock even higher level, in the diffuse way in the dark to find the lost exports, to express their vision of the kind of useful but powerless state of mind, singing 80 years the voices of people who were born, mainly electronic music and super-interesting lyrics the composition of rhythm `, would like to express their dissatisfaction with the views of the community. The music has not been very popular for 20-year-old -28 years old to play without class.

The future direction of agriculture and metals: As today's world getting smaller and smaller wave of thinking more and more cases, to 89 years -92 years, at this stage of the farmers to fans trying to create another of their own musical style "farm crowd Gold -- influx of gold. in fact they are just punk mixed with HIP HOP, no matter how they change the future, agriculture, metal, or waver along the way, from folk music to underground music, all kinds of music to absorb the essence of `` in the near future we will see the farmers to take the glory!
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