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Watching Contrails

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Posted 11-30-2010 at 10:41 AM by Peonboss

Maine is a cool place to live. And one of the added benefits is contrails.
For people who do not know where it is look up Augusta Maine on GE.

A plan coming from the UK will fly over land as much as possible, so they come over the Atlantic and head straight for us, then curve down to go where ever. What makes this cool is on days where contrails stay visible for a long time, you get to watch them all come and hang a left, and you see the ones that screw up and go to far and then have to swing back, and the ones that do lazy curves and the cargo planes I guess that pretend they are in a fighter not a jumbo and do as quick a turn as they can. It looks like a giant raceway in the sky and is endlessly fascinating to watch the heading changes. A few times I have seen Air Force One go by and that is pretty cool too cause the silver reflects well, even better when it has a fighter escort. And trust me you can not confuse a fighter escort, they do not stay miles back they crawl right up its butt.
And since often the plan departure times are organized for UK time there are mornings where you see 20 planes all at once going same direction till they hit an imaginary spot and bank off to differing angles. I have been in a plan coming back from the UK many times and you really can't see jack, but you can see the gulf of Maine and Sebago lake.

I have an ap for my iphone that lets me watch starts, track satellites and so forth, I love it use it every few days at least. There is supposed to be one in the Uk that will tell you what plan is what just by looking up with it, but I do not think it works here yet. Shame, I would love to know where each plane is going cause I am just curious that way..Ok I will accept nosy...
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