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Crashing on Earth!

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Posted 03-02-2010 at 02:31 PM by leonhart0512

After millenniums of war and chaos, the autobots flee from Cybertron because their lifelong enemies the decepticons reached the core of the planet and initiated the planet's self-distruct system.

Soon after, a planet-wide evacuation was announced and not long after, several handful of autobots managed to escape along with a few other decepticons in hot pursuit.

The Autobots crashed on Earth first. It's almost been a year since then. We've managed to peacefully coexist with humans up until now.

The Decepticons have finally arrived.

After living in a new world here in V2-Alpha, our weapons were left behind in the Great Wars. We await on our great leader LukeSpark to lend us his strength and knowledge to discover what we once lost. Split Army. Intercept. And Bonds.

We are all getting used to V2-Alpha. Even the Decepticons lay in wait until the time is right.
But for now, we lay in wait for them to make a move.

For all other Autobots out there, you have a home here on Planet GE. I am sending this signal to any surviving member of Cybertron. We are will be waiting.
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