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Be Prepared.

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Posted 08-26-2011 at 11:54 PM by Peonboss

The boy scout motto always fits.

Why is it people are surprised when a storm is coming. I guess I can understand if you lived in a city and had limited room, but then again I wont and dont.

We have 2 generators, one smaller but as a spare. Never even fired em up last year except for my monthly tests, but if we need em we have em. That covers food spoilage and water. And boredom... a big thing with 6 kids.

We stock enough food to live good for 2 weeks, and then survive on stuff like beans and rice and cans for 3-4 weeks more.

Our house can not be flooded, there are still a few trees that could hit it, but I take out 2-3 a year so there is far less now.

I keep batteries and flashlights stocked. always. One get used it gets replaced. I keep the chainsaw ready just in case and a few tarps on hand also just in case.

if you spread it out over years I prob spend an extra 5$ a month to make sure we will be fine.
Of course it goes further than that I rejected houses I liked cause of the locations.

I keep some lumber spare in a shed. When I need a piece I use it then replace it, so if we ever loose a window or 3 I can cover em. I have battery powered power tools, and the batteries are always charged.

I bet I do not spend 2 mins a week thinking bout this, its just a routine. I do spend a few hours once a month checking stores and so forth, but its pretty easy.

So right now a big storm on way and I just went and bought macaroni and pop tarts. Macaroni cause we were down to bout 6lbs and pop tarts cause we havnt had any in 2 years or so as a treat.

Anyways, point is, think before you buy, plan far ahead. and always try and be prepared.
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    HouseOfRothschild's Avatar
    Sounds like, Irene should be planning ahead for you. hahaha
    Posted 08-27-2011 at 01:00 AM by HouseOfRothschild HouseOfRothschild is offline
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    THEOtheGREAT's Avatar
    I never read peon...
    Posted 11-19-2011 at 05:36 AM by THEOtheGREAT THEOtheGREAT is offline
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