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Changes this week

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Posted 07-11-2011 at 03:08 AM by Prophet

1. Army movement to homebase bug
Ran into this bug last week and thought we had it fixed, and after further analysis (and help from Thomas85) we were able to find that it wasn't fixed and where the exact problem was. That's the good news. The bad news is that it's a deeply rooted issue that can't be solved without impacting many other things and possibly screwing up the game for hours (story of my life in GEWAR). So we did a workaround. Instead of saying a player's name (i.e. this army is traveling to the homebase of Joe) it says their playerID. I know this is a PITA for players, but I hope to have it resolved after the dev server is up.

2. Created/fixed a bug in the city kml build.
This one had to do with a city being unoccupied and therefore the icon for the city had an invalid color (since ownerid -1 has no color) and didn't show up. I changed this to a static color now. It should be good to go.

3. Adding a bunch of cities.
I've added about 100 cities. Most of them are in Turkey, Russia, France, Spain, Morocco, Egypt, Libya, Somalia, Iran, Mexico, etc. I'll add more as I have time (I have about 100 queued up).

4. Changes to city shapes
I've shrunk the city shapes slightly. So the triangle, octagon and squares are a bit smaller now. There's a reason for this (well multiple reasons) but it should have little impact on playability.

5. City Manager Tool
I built this up about a week ago and finished testing today. For many months, almost years, we've gone without a tool to add cities (Surprise). So we've sat in the 1300 city range. As any active person can tell, we are closer to 1500 today. I would love to be at 2500 by the end of the year.

Fun Stat: We currently show a total of 1.602 billion in our globe which is 23.7% of the actual world population.

In closing, with the new city manager tool comes the need for additional data input from players. How do I do it? I...
1. Change my GE options to show lat/lon as Decimal Degrees (tools > options > 1st panel).
2. Go to layers > borders > labels and turn on Populated places.
3. Go to an empty part of our map and find a place.
4. Make sure it's at least 150km from centerlat/centerlon of surrounding cities
5. I then look up the info on that location and see if there is anything better populated in that area (sometimes I fail at this).
6. I then create a pin with the name, population value (use a source for this. I prefer WA or Wiki), Country, Center Lat & Center Lon.

That's it. If you want to add something just let us know the details in this forum.
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    Thanks Jeremy. Again awesome work!
    Posted 07-11-2011 at 01:05 PM by Luke Luke is online now
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