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Recent changes...

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Posted 07-01-2011 at 09:52 PM by Prophet

1. Extending mutes into the game

I'm experimenting with this. Basically, if you get a mute you will not be able to post on alliance boards or rename your armies.

Reason: We find that every time someone is muted they tend to lash out in any way that they can. First they use the help desk (as they should) and then they extend into the game. They go to alliance boards and give some deranged version of the incident and/or they rename their armies to stuff like "ihatestaff" or "staffischeats"...

I'm sure people will bring up 100 different points of contention on this, but ultimately this is another place where the players have other players to blame. We will do our best to only mute those that deserve a mute (only one right now and maybe 2 this round), but mutes are going to happen...They always do.

2. Added more colors to player account

Seems like a small change, but it's something people have wanted forever...So you have it. 48 different colors to choose from. Should make the world a beautiful place

3. Fixing up the sidebar in the template.

Many months ago, OK years ago, I wanted to make the sidebar collapsible and make it so people could move items up and down and possibly add their own data to that column...I failed miserably. The way we use tpl files just doesn't allow it. So I simplified the sidebar (right column).

In doing this, I cleared a few KB of useless image and script data that was loading every time you loaded a page (thus slowing down the server slightly).

4. Cleaning up the staff list
This page has always been confusing to players and staff members alike. So we all discussed it, figured out the best way to move forward, and did so. You will notice that it makes a bit more sense. It's easier to see who does what, when and how.

Other things I'm working on right now:
- Trying to cleanup the city pages (they look disjointed and amateur right now)
- Trying to think of a more tablet/mobile friendly way to do the menu.

My hot list after that (once dev is back up):
- multiple attack types
- army/nuke stepping fix (the overshooting nuke issue)
- attack functions (the ratio issue)

Have a good day.
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    Thanks for the heads-up Jeremy.
    Posted 07-01-2011 at 10:15 PM by thomas85 thomas85 is offline
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