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Posted 03-30-2011 at 11:17 PM by Peonboss

I am one of those reliable people.
If I say I will be there at 10, I am 5 mins early. Not once in a while but every time.

I have not called in sick for like 10 years and most of the time I am the boss so I could.

And my phone is on me. Not somewhere on vibrate, but on me. It stays on day and night and I always answer it. I do not screen calls, if I do not answer then I am in a bad spot or a tunnel.

And the price of being reliable is that some people abuse it. I have a brother who used to call me at 1 am drunk now and then cause he knew my phone was on.. Took him a while to get the point that I have no issues driving to his house at 5 am the next morning and honking the horn till he is awake and then coming back every 1/2 hour till noon. But he learned it.

The other night we got a house guest. Some people we know, are not incredibly close to, but know are expecting and they thought it was "time". So at 11 at night they could not get a hold of anyone on their list to watch their other child. So they called me and we stuck her in a room with our daughter they talked and giggled for 30 mins and then went to bed.

Turned out it was a false alarm and they were back home 2 hours later. No worries. What irritated me is that they didnt bother to call us till NOON the next day so we could return their daughter. It was a no school day so the kids all played, but was pretty inconsiderate.

I have never understood people who are unreliable. Once you get over the age of 15 or so you are supposed to be able to know how to budget your time and resources.

OK well I swear I had a point here when I started this post. But somehow I lost it so rather than just ramble on I will just say... be reliable or evolve.
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    I just noticed the tags... that tag...
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    Not my tag...
    Posted 01-01-2012 at 04:14 PM by Peonboss Peonboss is offline
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    Huh? Can members put tags on blogs not their own?
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    Well I dont do tags, not even sure how to. So I didnt add it.
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    Disabled the option to tag other posts. And deleted the tags.
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    What were the tags?
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