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The Beta Game
Some screen shots from the Beta version
Most staff online
3rd one week into reset 6feb 09
Top Player 3rd   11 Sept 09
Tim and I holding Maha and Camelot
GB's DOND game that took forever 3 May 2009
Taking over Africa with Billions   3 Oct 2009
'Starbuck' armies 7 June 2009
Online on my own 31 May 2009
nuny and I using the intercept feature   8 September 2009
Nuking AI
Holding Mytical City
Highest Income
LPCB's armies for mytical city game 3 May 2009
Last person to hold Karachi (fav city) 4 Oct 2009
Last attacks on Beta 8 Oct 09
Attacking Zhang   18 June 2009
Attacking Theo in Greece   13 Sept 09
Few weeks into a new round
Ending Beta on a HIGH
Billions of geos and 120 cities (Africa)    4 Okt 09
Going after Horror  7 June 2009
Holding all 4 resource cities
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